Access Control: Card Access, Keyless entry, Key card Access

ALWAYS know who, what and when

Access Control Systems from JPM Communications

You need to make sure only certain individuals can enter certain areas at specific times. You want to ensure the public has access based on your posted hours of operation without worrying that an employee forgot to unlock the entrance doors. All of this and so much more can be done with Access Control Systems from JPM Communications.

Card Access

Conventional access solution

Access1Simple, safe and secure: Card Access is the perfect solution for schools and other facilities where a single card can be issued for multiple applications. Innovations in card readers and integration advancements allow one ID card to be used for cashless vending and access, making it a user-friendly option. Date/Time/User information can be stored so you’ll always know when an individual entered and exited a particular area. From contactless card readers to proximity card readers, swipe readers to card insertion systems, JPM Communications offers a variety of card access options to meet your specific requirements.

Keyless Entry

No card, no key, no problem

Keyless Entry access systems provide a level of convenience by requiring no card or key. There’s nothing to leave at home or loose, thus reducing frustration and eliminating the need to replace lost cards and keys. You can choose to grant access by having individuals enter their personal identification number. You can even employ the latest biometric technology with a fingerprint verification reader. Your JPM Communications representative will be happy to review the various options and help your company select the right solution.

Key Card Access

Perfect for transitional users

Access2If you’ve stayed at a hotel lately, you’ve probably used some variation of a Key Card Access system to enter your room. Each card can be coded to provide access to a specific room or rooms. The user simply inserts the card to unlock. These cards are an excellent solution for facilities that see heavy use of temporary help and/or transitional visitors, such as seasonal help or temporary volunteers. Key card access eliminates the risk of key duplication by unauthorized users, such as terminated employees. You can immediately deny access to individuals should their status change. JPM Communications offers a variety of solutions to ensure you get the right system for your individual requirements.

Automated Access

Quick, efficient and convenient

When it’s time to unlock the doors, you won’t have to remember. JPM Communications can provide automated access systems that unlock entry doors according to your schedule, ensuring no one’s left standing outside waiting.

Quality Service, Quality Products

You get them both with JPM Communications

Our certified technicians are trained and experienced in the installation, operation and maintenance of every access control system we offer…and we offer only the best. JPM Communications deals only with the industry’s top manufacturers. These are companies who have a history of developing and delivering top quality. We’re proud to use the latest technologies from the following industry leaders in innovative Access Control equipment:



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